“Suzanne is an unbelievable editor. Without actually writing anything for you herself, she will take the best bits of the glob of chaos that you have regurgitated onto the page, wave her magic wand, and suddenly you will see that you are a better writer than you thought you were!Her editing and shortening skills are unparalleled. And for anyone who has worked on med school secondary applications, you know how important shortening can be!”

AK, UC Davis

“Dr. Miller is an ace in navigating the medical school admissions process. She has a lot of insider knowledge regarding everything from studying for the MCAT to writing an excellent personal statement to producing impeccable applications. I benefited tremendously from one-on-one time with Dr. Miller. After she helped me get the acceptance letters I wanted, she counseled me through the difficult decision making process of where to attend. Dr. Miller's infectious energy and candid advice were crucial to my success in the medical school admissions process. Her experience and maturity make her a one of a kind advocate. She is still someone I can ask for advice to this day. I would recommend her to all students wanting the best application possible.”

--JG, Vanderbilt

“Without exaggeration, MDadmit was pivotal to my getting accepted to medical school. I found MDadmit on Linked In and contacted them to help me with my essay for Physicians Assistant programs. As an older applicant, I felt disconnected from what was sought by admissions committees and had no resources available to me for assistance. I had applied without success to PA programs the year before and wanted to improve the chances of acceptance. I was afraid that my extremely tight budget would prevent my getting meaningful help from any service like MDadmit, but Suzie was fantastic about working with me and my small budget. She was clear about what help I would receive given my budget, and she kept me on schedule so that I was always aware of what I needed to do myself and what I could count on her to do. She was always amazingly prompt with her editing changes, which were consistently right on the money. She also was insightful when she said, “You have a background more suited for an MD than a PA but if you want to apply for the PA program, let's go for it.” Within months of her saying that, based on additional input from others and my own perceptions, I agreed with her and switched my application path to the MD route.I just completed my first term of medical school and believe that Suzie's help with the essay as well as her prompting me to think about the MD were invaluable.”

--ES, Dartmouth

“Dr. Miller's editing skills go above and beyond what I expected. Each prompt response was extremely constructive, understandable, and helpful. Dr. Miller wastes no time in evaluating your personal statement and other essays and is able to cultivate ideas and allow you, the applicant, a chance to create a comprehensive application that is easily readable and highlights the positives of your application. In the end, I would recommend anyone to this service.”

--PC, St. George’s University

“Without a doubt, finding and using Dr. Miller’s services greatly improved my chances of being accepted into a top ten, first choice NP program. At our first meeting she was able to help outline and organize a diverse list of life experiences for a personal statement. Through her mastery of editing she was able to transform a lengthy essay into a concise and to the point essay while not losing any of its intended message. Dr. Miller is truly a gifted communicator. She responded quickly to questions, and always completed edits when she said she would. Very supportive, motivating, and always professional. Without her guidance and expertise there could have been a completely different outcome. I would, without reservation, highly recommend her to anyone seeking placement in a highly competitive program in any profession.”

--JK, University of Virginia

“Suzie is so much more than an amazing editor. As a very non-traditional student, I had tremendous doubts that I would be accepted at a US medical school. Suzie listened to my story on the phone and summarized what I said in a way that completely re-framed my understanding of my situation. In so doing, Suzie gave me hope along with her expert technical assistance. Today, several years later, I still remember the words she used.
Thanks to Suzie’s help, I’m now at a 'top-ten' medical school. As a student member of the admissions committee, I am reading applications and interviewing students. I see even well qualified candidates make mistakes that Suzie steered me away from. Each time I talk to an applicant, I silently thank Suzie for her help.”

--MP, University of Michigan

“Dr. Miller helped me express my experiences, activities, and aspirations succinctly in my interviews. Thanks to working with her on my interview preparation, I felt comfortable, relaxed, and prepared on the interview trail. I'm thankful for her support in helping me gain admission to medical school.”

--BP, Johns Hopkins

“Thanks for your help with my waitlist letter! With my stats (31, 3.78) I feel like I was very blessed during this process.”

--JM, Baylor

“Thank you so much for all of your help. I am really happy and excited to be attending my first choice school! I felt that the interview preparation we did was extremely helpful. Comments on my personal statement were also thorough and easy to understand.”

--MK, Stanford

“Dr. Miller provided phenomenal advice when writing my personal statement (ie. how to package myself as a candidate), helped me to understand the position my MCAT score would put me in in terms of the schools I was applying to, and assisted in organizing and structuring my activities list on the AMCAS. Most importantly, she was instrumental in explaining to me proper correspondence with admissions officers (how much to say and when to say it) - one of the trickier/more nuanced parts of the application process. I would recommend her to everyone applying to medical school! She knew the answers to all my questions - whether big or small. Thanks again for the invaluable advice!”