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Online courses designed to help you through every stage of the medical admissions process. From high school to residency. Completed at your pace.

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“I had almost given up on medical school after two previous unsuccessful applications, but working with Dr. Miller made all the difference this time around.She KNOWS what the admissions committee is looking for, and more importantly, HOW to communicate one's desire to become a doctor. The latter point is crucial. I had the usual research and volunteer activities similar to the majority of applicants, and not even my GPA and MCAT scores were that remarkable. But with Dr. Miller's help, I was able to communicate my story of why I wanted to become a doctor in a way that set my application apart from others. Furthermore, I worked with Dr. Miller to prepare for my interviews, which gave me the confidence to ace them. In the end, the results speak for themselves -- I was accepted to six medical schools, including some "reach" schools I never thought would consider me.Medical school application process is an arduous path and having Dr. Miller's guidance is one of the best things you can do for yourself.”

--DJ, Tufts

“Dr. Miller is by far the best admissions consultant out there. I have used the essay editing and consulting services of many of the well-known companies on the Internet and they were far inferior to what I received from MDadmit. The people at these other companies simply don't know the medical school application process and this is crucial. Dr. Miller knows this process inside and out and will help you present your application in the best light and avoid costly mistakes.

With the number of applications to medical school increasing every year you can't leave anything to chance. Dr. Miller is an expert with personal statements, recommendation letters, and secondary essays. In addition, she knows how to prepare you for the interview and this is what can make or break you. As a non-traditional applicant I faced an uphill battle, but with Dr. Miller's help I received 9 interview invites and multiple acceptances and am on my way to one of my top choices! Thank you Dr. Miller!!”

--JK, UC Irvine

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“Suzie is so much more than an amazing editor. As a very non-traditional student, I had tremendous doubts that I would be accepted at a US medical school. Suzie listened to my story on the phone and summarized what I said in a way that completely re-framed my understanding of my situation. In so doing, Suzie gave me hope along with her expert technical assistance. Today, several years later, I still remember the words she used.

Thanks to Suzie’s help, I’m now at a 'top-ten' medical school. As a student member of the admissions committee, I am reading applications and interviewing students. I see even well qualified candidates make mistakes that Suzie steered me away from. Each time I talk to an applicant, I silently thank Suzie for her help.”

--MP, University of Michigan


Online courses designed to help you through every stage of the medical admissions process.

From high school to residency. Completed at your pace.

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