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I’m Dr. Suzanne Miller, CEO of MDadmit.

I’m a practicing emergency physician, former Harvard pre-med tutor and admissions committee member, and medical admissions consultant.

I have the insider knowledge: I know what your admissions committee is looking for, and I can show you how to present it to them.

“Dr. Miller is an ace in navigating the medical school admissions process. She has a lot of insider knowledge regarding everything from studying for the MCAT to writing an excellent personal statement to producing impeccable applications.

Dr. Miller's infectious energy and candid advice were crucial to my success in the medical school admissions process. I would recommend her to all students wanting the best application possible.”

JG, Vanderbilt Med

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Consulting, editing, & interview prep

  • The honest advice you need to hear.
  • Personalized strategies specific to your unique situation.
  • Editing of every aspect of the application plus interview prep.

MDadmit Academy

  • High-end consulting advice on a low-end budget.
  • Choose from complete courses or individual tutorials.
  • Step-by-step how-tos.

Dr. Miller's best-selling books

“I received an acceptance offer from Harvard Medical School a few minutes ago. I have no words beyond the fact that I wanted to thank you very, very much for all of the guidance and mentorship you have given me over the past year, as I certainly would not be in this position without your support.”

JY, Harvard

Insider secrets: Recommendations that work

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