Think your GPA is too low for med school? Think again.

There is a way to get into med school, even with a low GPA

Find out what it is.

Let’s admit it, your GPA is disappointing.

Maybe it’s low because of adverse circumstances beyond your control or maybe you made poor decisions. But let’s not dwell on that. Let’s get to the point: how we can still get you into med school.

Trust me: you still have a chance

A low GPA is not a death sentence when it comes to getting into med school. Sure, it makes it harder, but it’s not impossible.

There ARE ways to overcome this disadvantage. In fact, there are lots of ways: proven strategies and tactics you can use to fix the low GPA and wow the admissions committee.

Low GPA admissions consultant

I’m Dr. Suzanne Miller, medical school admissions consultant, former Harvard pre-med tutor and admissions committee member, and practicing emergency physician.

I help pre-meds with low GPAs get into med school. I know what committees are looking for, and I know how you need to present it to them.

“I was accepted to my top choice medical school. Dr. Miller is my mentor, advocate, and best possible resource. Her knowledge extends far beyond her listed services.

My biggest regret is not working with her earlier.”

JS, GW Med

Exactly what you need to do to get in

Through my personal consulting and online academy, I can show you exactly what you need to overcome your low GPA.

I can help you in three ways:

1. Personal consulting & editing

Personalized review and recommendations based on your unique strengths and weaknesses.

Editing of all elements of your application, including personal statements, essays, and letters.

Interview preparation focused on both traditional and MMI formats.


2. Online academy

  • All my best strategies and tactics, available online at a fraction of the cost.

Includes the “Everything you need to know about creating a competitive AMCAS application” course, plus specific modules on personal statements, recommendation letters, and more.

3. My book, “How to get into medical school with a low GPA” [link to online cart]

  • Learn the specific, real-life strategies I use to help my low GPA clients get into medical school time and again.

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“Dr. Miller helped make my seemingly-impossible dream come true.”

TR, Tulane


“I had almost given up on medical school after two previous unsuccessful applications, but working with Dr. Miller made all the difference.

She KNOWS what the admissions committee is looking for, and more importantly, HOW to communicate one's desire to become a doctor. I had the usual research and volunteer activities, and not even my GPA and MCAT scores were that remarkable. But with Dr. Miller's help, I was able to communicate my story of why I wanted to become a doctor in a way that set my application apart from others.

The results speak for themselves -- I was accepted to six medical schools, including some "reach" schools I never thought would consider me.

Medical school application process is an arduous path and having Dr. Miller's guidance is one of the best things you can do for yourself.”

DJ, Tufts Med

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