They may not be a toddler anymore

But they still need help sometimes.

Over the past decade as a medical admissions advisor and consultant, I have witnessed how being the parent of an applicant can be just as stressful as being the actual applicant. Parents of applicants often struggle with supporting their child during the complex admissions process without being overbearing. You may feel overwhelmed by the numerous steps, extensive essay writing, and intensive interview preparation required for medical school admissions.

Perhaps you are frustrated by the lack of personalized advising at your child's undergraduate institution or medical school where advisors often serve hundreds of applicants. MDadmit is dedicated to providing the personalized strategic advice, application and essay editing, and interview preparation to help your daughter or son through the often-daunting admissions process.

Many of my clients come through parents who learn of MDadmit through friends, colleagues, or the Internet. I am more than happy to speak with you about my services and how we can work together to help your daughter or son gain acceptance to medical school, post-baccalaureate programs, or residency/fellowship. When you call the MDadmit office at 202.738.4353, you will be connected directly to me. If you obtain voicemail, please leave a message, and I will do my best to return your call within 24 business hours. You can also send an e-mail to, which I will answer personally.

If you are the parent of a medical applicant looking for detailed admissions advice, I suggest reading one of my latest books How to Be Pre-Med (if your child is early in the pre-med process) or The Medical School Admissions Guide (if your child is near applying). After one read of these guides, you will know more about medical school admissions than any parent on the block! To purchase these books in e-book format, please click here. They are also available in paperback on Amazon.

I look forward to connecting with you and helping your child achieve her or his dreams!

All the best,

Dr. Suzanne M. Miller