Nailing the Medical School Interview is available now!

I am very pleased to announce the publication of a new book:

Nailing the Medical School Interview: A Harvard MD's Comprehensive Preparation Strategy

Did you know the interview is the most important factor used to decide which applicants get in to medical school? THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR! Fortunately, interview techniques can be learned and improved with practice. Drawn from Dr. Suzanne M. Miller’s nearly 15 years of experience as a Harvard pre-med tutor, admissions interviewer, and CEO of MDadmit medical admissions, Nailing the Medical School Interviewprovides a detailed, step-by-step plan for how to tackle every aspect of traditional medical school interviews while giving you a head start on Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) preparation. Book highlights include:

1. 250+ interview questions with answer examples and explanations.
2. Detailed system for how to approach ethical/behavioral questions.
3. Entire chapter on health policy topics.
4. Strategies for group and essay questions.
5. Post-interview strategy with example thank you notes and letters of intent/update letters
6. Tips on scheduling and style prep 7. Special sections on DO and Caribbean schools interview preparation.