Can I call you to discuss your services for myself or my child?

Absolutely. E-mail requests tend to get faster responses, but you can certainly call me at 202.738.4353.

May I be present on the Skype or phone call during advising sessions with my child?

Yes. Many clients like to have others present during our sessions.

Can in-person advising and mock interview sessions be arranged?

The vast majority of MDadmit clients do not live near MDadmit and have a very positive experience utilizing Skype, phone, and e-mail to take advantage of MDadmit services. In-person advising and mock interview sessions can be arranged on a case-by-case basis, but 99% of advising occurs via Skype.

How many years of experience do you have in admissions advising?

Well over a decade.

Have you worked on an admissions committee?

Yes. My admissions experience started as a Harvard pre-med tutor and then co-chair of the Eliot House Pre-Medical Committee. I then served on the GW Emergency Medicine Admissions Committee as an interviewer. Due to conflict of interest because of MDadmit, I am currently unable to serve on medical school admissions committees. For more information on my experience, please click here.

Do you still practice medicine?

Yes. I am a practicing, board-certified emergency physician working in both the United States and abroad. I have worked in various clinical settings, from one-room clinics in the developing world to Level I trauma centers in the Washington, DC area, New York City, Boston, and San Francisco. In addition to my clinical work, I have also taught medical students and residents from five universities. For more information on my experience, please click here.

Have you served as a faculty member at a major medical school?

Yes. I have served as an assistant clinical professor at George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences and an assistant professor at Virginia Commonwealth University. For more information on my experience, please click here.

Do you have professional writing experience?

Yes. I have three best-selling publications including The Medical School Admissions Guide: A Harvard MD’s Week-by-Week Admissions Handbook, How to be Pre-Med: A Harvard MD's Medical School Preparation Guide for Students and Parents, and How to Get into Medical School with a Low GPA. In addition, I have been published in peer-reviewed journals, the popular press, and online. For more information on my experience, please click here.

Do you edit every MDadmit essay?

Yes. MDadmit is a boutique admissions company and limits itself to 10 active clients at any time. This allows me to edit every item and ensure the highest quality.

How do you have time to be a practicing emergency physician, faculty member at two universities, and professional writer?

One of the many beauties of emergency medicine is that full time is defined as three days per week. Further, MDadmit is a boutique company, never having more than 10 active clients at any time. This allows plenty of time for me to run MDadmit and give your child the full attention she or he deserves.

May I pay for the services from my account for my child?

Of course.

Do you do all the advising and mock interviews?